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Do you believe that global warning is happening? Well it's happening, and it has been becoming a big problem. Help us fix the problem.

Dear Next President,

Climate Change has become a serious issue whether people believe it or not. I alone will not be able to solve this problem, although, together we can change that. Recently, we have been having abnormal weather changes. According to NASA, glaciers have shrunk, ice is defrosting sooner, plant and animal ranges have shifted, and trees are flourishing earlier than they are supposed to. These changes happen because of human activities. We need to end the problem immediately by replacing fossil fuels with another source of energy, protecting rainforest and preventing any more greenhouses to be created.

Many others may argue that abandoning the uses of fossil fuels would be a crummy plan since fossil fuels have been supplying most of the US’s electricity for many years. They also may say that fossil fuels produce a greater amount of energy than renewable resources. Non carbon sources may not be used as much as fossil fuels, but they don’t cause environmental problems. The Pacific Environment mentions that the environmental problems our world faces – climate change, air pollution, oil spills, and acid rain – result from our dependence on fossil fuels. These fossils fuels may be used more often but they have caused lots of damage to Earth. Renewable energy sources would be better to use since it makes the environment healthier as they do not pollute it with toxic gases that are produced by fossil fuels. Apart from that, they are not going to reduce our natural resources which can be conserved for a long time.

Fossil fuels aren’t the only other things that are causing climate change. Taking too much land from mother nature also is one of the reasons for global warming. Even though we need the land for our country, cutting down the trees isn’t the best idea. When you cut these trees you probably think that they would be great as lumber, but you might not remember what these trees do for us. According to David Biello, one of the authors of Scientific American, he claims, “Every year, 33 million acres of forests are cut down. Timber harvesting in the tropics alone contributes 1.5 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere. That represents 20 percent of human-made greenhouse gas emissions and a source that could be avoided relatively easily.”

The next time you are going to design a greenhouse or structure, think about the Earth and how it is going to affect you and your country. What will happen if this isn’t going to stop? Where will you be in 20 years? Don’t wait until the problem gets any bigger or worst, fix it now.


Trisha Truong

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