Daequan B. Pennsylvania

Global Warming

This is about how global warming changes us as a country.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President

Imagine a world where agriculture is declining because of droughts and floods, nature slowly dying, and weather becoming unbearable with five times as many people dying from heat exhaustion. Well no one wants to imagine that, but there is a way to help. This world has been testing the boundaries of global warming for too many years. We can be the antidote to our own poison that we are causing in this world since the industrial revolution. As temperatures rise around the world, both people and animals are being affected. The world we once knew is slowly dying because of mistakes we are still making today. The mistakes we are making today will have a giant effect the future. This issue must be addressed in the next four years so America can realize that we have been ignorant to this subject and there are ways to prevent anymore destruction.

Global warming is the cause of greenhouse gases collecting in the atmosphere. Even though Americans make up 4 percent of the world's population, we make up 25 percent of carbon dioxide(greenhouse gas) pollution. Each year in the the 21 century, the temperature increases.  This world has had problem with this for awhile. People all over the world has been affected by this. A lot of people are dying from heat exhaustion and sea levels has risen 8 inches. ⅔ Americans believe this is an important message and hardly nothing is happening. In order to preserve our human race, we need start now and help with research in global warming. Us as leaders of the world should take a stand and put more money into researching global warming. There are places in china where the air is so toxic they have to wear mask. We can help ourselves by preventing that from happening here. If we are looking at this business wise, our climate change is changing rapidly which makes agriculture hard for farmers.

Our recent president made something called the clean power plan which limits carbon pollution in power plants. He made a big change because power plants are the biggest pollution problem in the U.S.A .In addition to the clean power plan, we should try to promote more electric cars, solar, water, and wind energy.Dear next president, please not only hear the cry of the people but hear the cry of world and take time to notice the difference in our world. If we do not change now humans will cease to have a chance make a difference in the future. Why procrastinate when we can end the problem now. 

                                                                                                                  From Yours Truly,

                                                                                                                                                   Daequan Bullock