Kodi M. Louisiana

Clean Water

Clean water is a necessity. We need the help of whoever the future President may be to resolve this problem.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,   

  Water is important to our survival. Without it, we would not live for very long. If the water is not clean, then there is no use in having it. To whoever becomes President, I need your help to seek out ways to make the water safe. 

   In my hometown of Ferriday, Louisiana, our water is very dirty. It contains certain high levels of certain chemicals such as lead and iron. Our water has not been the clearest of them all. It has been colors such as light brown and even light yellow. The water pipes were also very rusty, which explains part of the reason why it could be dirty. 

   Ferriday does not have a lot of money or resources to help fix this urgent problem. If the future president can help us out by giving us the money and resources we need, we can finally get the opportunity to have clean water we need. 


                                                             Kodi McGraw

Delta Charter School

DCS World History

Delta Charter School World History class

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