Logan S. New York

Ocean's of Garbage

Our oceans are filling up with garbage. All types of marine life are dying. This must be stopped!!

Dear Future President,

The amount of garbage in the ocean is colossal there is so much garbage in the ocean that it out numbers the total amount of marine life six to one. Seeing how much marine life there is in the ocean, and there are millions of fish in the sea,  think of how many pieces of garbage are in the seas. I know that there are so many pieces of plastic in the sea, included in that garbage. Right now there are 315 billion pounds of plastic in the ocean.

Plastic and garbage in the ocean is a big problem. 500,000 albatross chicks are born each year and a little over 200,000 chicks die because of plastic being ingested. This is only happening because moms mistake plastic and garbage for food and feed it to their young. Not only are albatross chicks dying, so are many mammals.  Over 300,000 dolphins and porpoises die each year because of discarded fishing nets in the ocean. That is 500,000 living things that die each year, not from all natural causes but from plastic and things left by humans in the ocean. We, as the cause of all this trash, can help by not putting the trash in the ocean.

Here are some other ways to help with the garbage: we can use biodegradable plastic, put a heavy fine on littering, stop using so much plastic, and even try to get some of the garbage and plastic out of the ocean without removing most of the plankton population with it. The big problem with trying to get the garbage and plastic out of the ocean is actually not removing all of the plankton with the garbage and plastic. Plankton is the food for a lot of the sea population. The Baleen whale eats plankton as a daily diet. Plankton is a big food source in the ocean.

This is a big problem in our world and it should be fixed.

Sincerely, Logan S.