Richie D. New York

College Tuition

This letter is how college tuition around the world should be lowered. College education shouldn't be this high of a price.

Dear Future President,

      It’s hard to deny that college is a life-changing experience. During those four or more years, students are taught to become knowledgeable individuals. College tuition is a growing issue for many Americans around the world. Tuition should be lowered to grow education around the world.

      College tuition is growing more and more every year causing individuals to lose education after high school. According to the U.S News, out of state tuition and fees at public universities rose 226 percent since 1995. Hundreds of dollars are being added to tuition every year. A person that can’t afford college makes it hard for them to pursue their dreams. But not all of the money goes towards tuition. According to Think Progress, students at public four year colleges paid more for housing and food last year than tuition. I think housing and food should be part of your college tuition. Education shouldn’t be this high of a price. In this world we need education for everything. Today’s average college tuition in the U.S is 30,000 dollars per person. Too much money is being invested just to pursue education and so after high school people cannot afford to go to college and get a great job in the future. On average kids that have a college education have a higher salary than people without a college education. Every day tuition is just going to keep on growing unless someone is able to lower prices for our own education.

       Help us spread the education around the world. If we can lower tuition for college we can spread jobs and more knowledgeable individuals around the world.