Nichole W. California

The Expense of Extracurriculars

Extra curricular activities are too expensive, often draining wallets of caring parents.

Dear Future President,

Extracurriculars are something every child should be able to have. But classes outside of school such as math, violin, acting, and vocal lessons are ridiculously expensive. For instance, dance classes, one of the most high-priced activities, has an yearly cost of $1,500-$7,000. Many other activities such as horseback riding, martial arts, and piano also have great expenses. These extracurriculars should not be draining wallets of hard-working parents. Learning special skills should be less expensive with lower costs.

A main problem in this situation is the pricing range with certain activities. While some classes are affordable, other particular classes are distinctly overpriced. Many children looking for new interests often are not able to learn something new because of their lack of money. This needs to change, as much talent goes undiscovered because of this problem.

A solution to this problem is taking money from unnecessary investments and have the government pay more attention to this specific situation. Certain programs should be eliminated. For example, millions of dollars go into funds for farm subsidies, foreign military aid, and mine royalties every year. This money should be used to lower the prices of extracurriculars instead.



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8th Grade ELA

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