Aaliyah T. Florida



Dear Next President,

 Do me and our country  a favor by not deporting illegal immigrants. For many their dreams of a better life will be ruined . If they go back to their country countless thousands could be killed by their governments  and thousands more will be taken from their children who were born in the United States.  They will go back to their former lives which  only means suffering, poverty and a government that does not care for their needs.Create a law that would give them the opportunity to become an  American citizen  and a chance to show that they will and can give back to America,like so many immigrants before them.  Please  give them a chance to give  show that they are responsible . The immigration issue  is a huge problem in the U.S.  and this would if I were the next President of the U..S.  I   would control future immigration to this country as this is a national security issue.We can cut the cost of taking care of immigrants, without using the welfare system, by having immigrants as well as Americans who have poor paying jobs work  together to repair our roads, bridges, dams etc.


Aaliyah 08 Renaissance Charter School- Palms West