Iona I. Georgia

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a major issue in today's economy, but building a wall is no way to go about solving this problem.

Dear Next President,

My grandma immigrated here from the Philippines way back in 1971. She came here legally, unlike some immigrants that live in the United States of America. Illegal immigration is a huge problem in today's economy. Illegal immigrants are taking some of our jobs from us, American citizens. There are a multitude of solutions to solve this issue. The only thing I am asking of you, whoever you may be, is to not build a wall. Sure, illegal immigration is an issue but building a wall is no way to go about solving that issue.

Building a wall would cost roughly 25 billion dollars. This means that collectively Americans would have to pay a lot of money to build the wall. If you force Mexico to pay for it, you would be creating bad blood with our 3rd biggest trading partner. This could cause Mexico to retaliate by putting higher taxes on their exports to us so that they can pay for it. This matters a lot to us Americans because we don't like paying taxes, nobody does. If these taxes are put on us we will be paying forever.

Building a wall would also be fairly hard. What I mean is that workers would have to build a wall through the mountains and other physical features. It also means that workers would have to build a wall that is above and underground for over 2,000 miles. This matters to Americans because it would take a very long time to build, meaning that the problem of constant illegal immigration will not be solved immediately.

Some may say that eventually it will completely stop illegal immigration even though it wonโ€™t. This is because only 60% of immigration will stop. This is because most immigration is people overstaying their visas. This is also because illegal immigrants come from all around the world and not just Mexico.This matters because Americans will be paying for a wall that is only a partial solution to Illegal immigration.

In conclusion, building a wall would be expensive, hard, and it wouldn't even get the job done. So, instead of building a wall and potentially cost Americans billions and billions of dollars, put heavier security on the border. Do something to stop this issue, but do not build a wall.


Iona I