Pedro B. Georgia


We need to help illegal immigrants.

Dear Future President,

Illegal immigration is a tough problem in our country. About 700,000 people come to our country illegally each year. Young and old come to our nation in search of the American Dream. Some just want to escape the violence, crime, poverty, famine, and government corruption. We should give these people refuge, amnesty, and an easier path towards legalization.

Giving these people refuge in our country will benefit us because they cannot stay here for free, right? They have to buy a home or rent an apartment, etc. Then, they pay sales tax and if they had legal status, then they would also pay income and federal taxes. Immigrants help our economy just by being here. Imagine how much more they can help us if they were legal citizens.

The United States of America is a pretty safe country. You cannot blame people for trying to come into our nation. This is why you should give them amnesty. Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants when he was President. So it could be done again! Amnesty means to forgive a group of people, usually for political offense, and who are subject to trial but have not been yet convicted. You should forgive illegal immigrants for being here and help them obtain legal status.

An easier path towards citizenship will help prevent illegal immigrants get arrested for driving without driver’s license, etc. This will prevent taxpayers from wasting money on resources like this. Trying to deport these people also wastes more taxpayer money. However, helping these people obtain citizenship will stop wasting money and resources. Remember, not all illegal immigrants are criminals or have a criminal history. They should not be prevented from entering our country just because of their country of origin. We need to stop judging a book by its cover on all these people. Just because some of them are bad does not mean ALL of them are. The criminals should not be helped, but the good ones should.

In conclusion, all these people want is help and safety. That is all. They want to be away from their problems and start a fresh life. That is why you should give the hundreds of thousands of people dependent on you, refuge, amnesty, and easier paths towards legalization. What a better place to start a new life and escape all the heinous crime back at home, than in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?


                                                                          Pedro B.