Ryan Texas


America's Immigration Laws need Revising

Dear Future President,

As you may know, there are many problems in this country. One hugely controversial issue is the subject of immigration. Our current immigration system is flawed, and according to the Migration Policy Institute, about 500,000 people are entering the United States illegally each year. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes and also compete for the same jobs with legal immigrants who waited patiently to gain admission. This puts an unnecessary economic burden on the rest of our society.

To help limit the number of Illegal immigrants, we need a stronger border. And no, this does not mean a huge expensive wall, Mr. Trump. I think the border patrol should receive more funding from the government because the truth is, they are understaffed and overwhelmed. Those who have previously entered illegally should be granted amnesty and allowed 6 months to apply for legal citizenship. If they donโ€™t voluntarily seek to do this, then Iโ€™m sorry to say they should be shown the door; that is, deported. I also believe we should also be more selective of the quantity and quality of the people we do accept as legal immigrants into our country. We should bring back the quota system from the 20th century which placed strict limits on how many people a year of each specified nationality could migrate to the United States. Our country is a great country, so it needs great people from all nationalities and origins. However, people who migrate to the United States, regardless of their nationality need to learn our laws which also means learn to speak our English language. It must be a fact that immigrants who do not know or do not strive to learn how to speak the dominant language of the country they are migrating to, do not assimilate into the larger society. A policy that requires basic knowledge of our laws and a minimum demonstrable ability to speak and write our language should be part of the requirements for citizenship.

With these additional policies, I believe the Immigration system will be greatly improved and our country will have a stronger economy and security for all of our citizens. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and hope you consider my proposals.