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Reasons To Start Thinking About Vaccines

This article is about vaccines and why everyone should get vaccinated. The world would be a much safer place if more people got the essential boosters to prevent illness.

Dear President,

I know that this topic is probably no on a lot of people’s priority list, but it’s on mine. There are many other topics and world wide problems the the president whomever it may be, will have to deal with. But I hope they hear my story and topic about vaccines and saving lives.

Vaccines must be given because children are at risk for very deadly diseases such as measles and smallpox. When a person gets measles or smallpox, they get a very serious rash, fever and some other symptoms. There is also a risk of flu like symptoms. This can all be prevented and controlled by a simple vaccine. According to, vaccines have saved millions of lives over the past 50 + years. The effectiveness of mostly all vaccines are between 90%-99% in preventing the illness.

Vaccines are an essential for diabetics (I am a Type 1 Diabetic). Mostly because a common cold or flu can be a regular sick day for someone, but diabetics get a scare with major blood sugar swings, and ketones (look it up). There is always the risk of hospitalization and I’ve been there and it’s never fun. The hospitalization is the very worst enemy of any diabetic or cancer patient. Vaccines don’t protect the unsick only. It protects the ones who are sick already. It is very important to get vaccinated, and for yourself and others around.

Vaccines are proven to be safe to give to all ages of children. If they weren’t safe, the FDA wouldn’t approve it to be administered. Also, anyone that immigrates or travels to and or from country, can bring in foreign diseases and carry our illnesses home with them, which puts the entire country and non the less the world in danger. And with current disease outbreaks, it’s super important to have some type of vaccinations that is being administered at the time.

Some people may say that it causes autism and other mental issues along those lines. According to, there have been minimized reports of autism after vaccinations. The studies have been proven that it is false data, though. Anyway, if it caused harm to children, then why would the FDA allow it to be administered? They wouldn't!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stated this perfectly, “ The best way to reduce vaccine- preventable diseases is to have a highly immune population.” In a place where there are so many illnesses and diseases, vaccines are what is going to help save lives. It is up to us to make that happen, so I hope that I can be heard loud and clear and make sure that vaccines can be required in all parts of the country and even beyond in the world. 

Thanks For Your Consideration,

Cassidy P

New Jersey


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