Katerina New Jersey

Animal cruelty must stop!

Animal cruelty is a big issue all over the world

Dear future president,

I would like to bring to your attention that, animal cruelty is a big issue all over the worl. About 115,000,000 animals are killed for chemical in laboratory experiments for chemical drugs, food and cosmetics. This is unhealthy for the human body because in labs they drug the animal and the drugs are in the animal's system and there is no way of getting rid of it. When they kill the animal for food, Chemical drugs and for cosmetics, all the drugs and chemical is being transferred to your system and could make you sick.

Not only are animals killed, but there are puppy mills that force dogs to have puppies so that they can either sell them and make money or so that they can sell them to labs to make chemical drugs, food and cosmetics. Dogs having puppies is not a bad thing unless you make it one, it´s only animal cruelty when you make them do something that is unhealthy for the animal and for the people. If you care about the safety of the US Americans i suggest finding another way to make these products, or a safer less horrifying way to do so.

Animal cruelty is not just killing them for food or chemicals and etc. Its also not taking care of the animal, like not giving them food or water, keeping them outside in harsh conditions and abusing them. Animals do not have to be abused. I understand that we need to kill chickens, cows etc. so that we can eat but we don't have to keep them in these harsh conditions. The Better the animals are taken care of the healthier we will be. Animals could be killed less harshly. Dogs get put down without hurting them, why can't we do the same with the animals that we need to use for food?

The solution for this would be to make sure that Animal shelters are taking care of the animals. And make sure that Animal farms are taking care of their animals and they are not being given anything that could harm people. This might seem like a lot of work but as president it is your job to keep everyone and everything safe.