isabella l. New Jersey

Air pollution

why we should fix air pollution now not later.

Dear President,

Have you ever seen a fish out of water? Can they breath? No they can’t. We would be that fish out of water if we don’t do something.

Air pollution is a major problem in the world. Our government regulates major industries but doesn’t regulate individuals. So everyone must do their part and keep our air clean. Everyone shares this responsibility no matter who you are.Air quality is important to me because i know a lot of people that have asthma because of bad air quality, and because of it they couldn’t do sports, or gym which is apart of their grade. Their grade shouldn’t suffer because of bad air quality, so we need to stop it before it becomes unfixable. People need to understand how serious air pollution has become, and they might help fix it.

Air pollution is a big health problem. The causes are from energy industries, but that’s not the only cause. There are many causes to air pollution, but our air is important without it there would be no living creature on earth.

So much of the world lives in places with unsafe levels of air pollution. To be exact 92% of the world. You’d think it’d be a much lower number. The world needs to work together to fix this, even the smallest deed could help stop air pollution all over the world.

Think about the generations after us. What will happen to the generations after them? What will happen to us? Things like perfect electric vehicles, stop coal factories, and fossil fuels, stop farming chemicals, lead, and carbon dioxide. Those are some of the many ways we can stop and hopefully fix air pollution.

Some people could argue we should stop water pollution first, it’s destroying the sea life and fisherman are losing their jobs. Yes that is happening, our ocean is very important to the world, and yes people are losing their jobs because the ocean is being polluted. The only thing is how can we stop ocean pollution if we can’t breathe? Air pollution is also one reason why fish and other aquatic life are dying. The ocean creatures need oxygen which is in the air so fixing air pollution first seems logical.

Others could say our pollinators are dying we need to fix this so they can pollinate so we can pollinate so we can have food.

The plants and their pollinators need air so whether we fix it before or after they’ll die anyway.

Plant a tree, stop your car engine, save electricity. These are simple ways everyone can help reduce air pollution. Sure it’ll take time, patience, and effort but it’ll be worth it. Lets just take this… one breath at a time.

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