Camila New Jersey

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is a problem i think is important.

Dear future president

Animal abuse is a problem that i feel is important. Millions of animals are killed getting drugged or poisoned by testing out foods and lab experiments. This is a problem because if you're going to use the fur or meat for “man made” products such as food and clothes the poison is still in the animal which is dangerous for us humans (especially in the food). If you're going to kill animals do it for a reason because of lab experiment are wasting food (if you eat those types animals).

70.1% involved dogs. 20.9% involved cats. 24.1% involved other animals, most of these abuses occurred in their own home (for pets). Half of the dogs in shelters have to be put down because they are unclaimed.

Dog fighting is another big problem around 250,000 dogs have been entered in dog fight around 16,000 die each year sometimes people who breed for dog fights and add roach poison to their food so that their fur might taste bad to other dogs. They also cut their ears and sharpen their teeth. In dog fights there are usually illegal gamblers.

There are 900-2000 new cases every year and 250,000 animal fallen victims, there are also 115 million animals killed from lab experiments worldwide. More than 50% of the fur that the us has often comes from china where animals are often bled to death and skinned alive! Animal abuse is will continue to get worse unless we do something about it.

Animals are human too start treating them like one

We can help stop animal abuse by reporting Animal Abuse. If you witness animal abuse or neglect, report it to your local animal control, law enforcement or humane organization. We can also stop animal abuse by having the lab experiments lowered. This is how i believe we can help end Animal cruelty