Emelin New Jersey


Stop Terrorism

Dear future president,

Terrorism is now becoming a huge problem to the world there has been a few attacks already. There has been attacks in Paris, San Bernardo, and California and now Americans are saying that terrorism is the top issue facing the United States. One out of six people Americans about 16% of them is now saying that terrorism has the topped the list recently such as the economy and the government.

The highest percentage of Americans that mention terrorism in years but it it still lower than the 46% measured after the 9/11. In the year 2004 people mention the Madrid train bombings its high percentage was 19% and later on it gain up to 17% in 2005 after London train and bus bombings. By January 2015 there were mentions of terrorism as the most important increased up to 8% a few weeks after Charlie Hebdo attacked Paris and end up killing at least 130 people.

 Since the year 2001 Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations have fired 13,000 rockets and mortars at civilians in southern Israel. They have 10.000 rockets and mortars stockpiled with more being smuggled in constantly. Founded by Iran and other extremist regimes these terrorist organizations work towards their goal of murdering Jews, obliterating Israel and replacing it with a Taliban style Muslim theocracy. Their rockets have killed or wounded many Israelis and destroyed or damaged countless homes, schools, and other properties.

To stop terrorism you have to start on a small scale by like understanding what terrorism is and second is understanding large scale terrorism which is like trying to help it stop. Also by not giving people that doesn't have gun license so the rise of terrorism would lower down a bit and also not having bombs sold to people only like cops and people like that and maybe that could lower down terrorism.