Savanna Washington

Elderly Care

Elderly care, is an immense problem in the United States that needs to be addressed. There is not enough respect or enough care, and no justice or action taken to support their needs within fraud and abuse.

Dear Future President of the United States, 

Three problems regarding elderly care need to be solved: more respect for elderly people, more care and more attempts for justice in fraud and abuse.

I believe that elderly people need more care than they are getting now. There should be easier transitions between different types of care. Also, more varieties of care need to be available because every person is different and every elderly person is different than the next. Not only are the children of the elderly taking care of them, but also their own children. The middle generation has to watch their parents, fall apart, and their children, the youngest generation, grow up at the same. The middle generation never get to enjoy spending time with their children, and the last days of their parents' life. Before they know it they are old, and their children are taking care of them and their children. Then it isn't affordable, and it continues in a cycle never ending.

The average cost for elderly care is $77,000. This is not affordable for the middle generation or the oldest generation. Therefore, there needs to be more resources, and more care. Not only this, but they don’t understand their finances to some extent, and they buy excessive things they don’t need because they already have so much of that item. People take advantage of them and ask for money. Likewise, even fraud. It’s hard for the elderly to understand what’s going on around them. Then when they run out of money, the elderly have no one to take care of them anymore. They end on the streets, being taken advantage of and no one to care for them. Living in small rooms, with not enough attention, or help. A solution to this problem, but not nearly enough is more social security, so they may enjoy the last days of their life, have the necessary care needed, and justice. Action needs to be taken, one solution to this problem is more avaiable medicare and insurance provided by the U.S., at the federal level. Another solution is giving the eldery more social secruity and lowering the age for retirement.

It might be expensive to provide the extra care and social security, but isn't it worth it? If you end up with no money, wouldn’t you want to be taken care of, with social security? This is why more resources need to be put towards their care in order for them to live a happier and more relaxed last days of their lives.



I am also one person out of many Americans who deal with this very problem. I have to watch my grandmother struggle with Dementia and my Mom stuggle to balance her time with me and my grandmother.

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