Linda L. Washington

Prescription Drug Prices

Prescription drug prices need to be lowered. Patients all over America don't get their prescription filled simply because they don't have enough money.

Dear Future President,

More than half of American adults take at least one prescription drug. It’s undeniable that medicine has and continues to help people live longer and healthier lives. Yet, many patients all over America don’t have access to medicine simply because they lack money is beyond unacceptable. As a family that depends on medicine and treatments, we are well aware of how expensive prescription drugs can get. Every human being is worthy of receiving safe and affordable health care. To put it simply, it’s a basic human right. Prices of these drugs need to be lowered so it could be more accessible. Life- saving drugs are meaningless if patients can’t afford it.

By far, Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world. American patients need to be able to afford the medicine that their healthcare prescribe to them. Unfortunately, ⅕ of Americans, ages 19- 64, aren’t able to get their prescription refill simply because they don’t have enough money. Citizens of America should not be afraid of bankruptcy or even death because they can’t afford the medication they need, especially since we’re one of the wealthiest countries in the history of the world. Congress needs to start listening to the American people which 70% of believe that prescription drugs are excessively priced. The United States spends more than $370 billion on prescription drugs. As an American citizen, it’s concerning to know that money is prioritised over my well- being. No doubt, medicine’s ability to help millions of people to live longer and healthier lives is miraculous but what is the point of prescribing it if patients can’t afford them?

I come from a family that heavily depend on medicine and medical treatments. We are well aware of what it’s like to be refused of service due to our lack of money. On an early morning, I was on my way to a pharmacy. My mother suffers from a chronic illness that requires intense medication and treatments and her prescription drug was ready to pick up. This particular medicine was what her doctor stressed my mother about the most. It was one of the most crucial medication to sustain my mother’s health. I picked up this medication before and never had I have to pay for it. I was overwhelmed with confusion and shock when I found out that day that my mother had to pay around $800 to get a refill. During that time especially, my family were financially unstable. We simply couldn’t afford the medicine. I’m sure the pharmacists knew how crucial the medicine was towards her health but they absolutely refused any further service. It’s much more than upsetting to know that money was put before my mother’s haleness.

More than half of American adults take at least one prescription drug. Medicine is able to assist people with living longer and healthier lives. They can also prevent having to receive expensive treatments. It’s concerning to know that many American patients don’t have access to this simply because they lack the money. This is more than unacceptable, it’s inhumane. To make sure every patient gets the refill they need prices of prescription drugs need to decrease. Every human being deserves affordable healthcare. American patients shouldn’t live in fear of bankruptcy due to their state of health. If people can’t afford their medication then what is the point of prescribing them?


Linda L.


"On the Issues: Fighting to Lower Prescription Drug Prices." Bernie Sanders RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2016.

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