Caleb K. Washington

A Few Pressing Matters

In this persuasive paper I talk about the three things I think the president should be the most concerned with and about.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Since you will be the President of the United States of America, a lot of people won't like you. I may be among those people. But why not do America a favour and change their opinions of you. Shoot for progress. Bring America into a new age. Your personal opinion doesn't need to be the guiding factor on your decisions. You could do what the president is supposed to do and make the choice best for the American people. If the people need change give them change. For instance the federal minimum wage. $7.25 is not a living wage. People work forty or fifty hours a week and still rely on food stamps. Raising a child in this economy is a wish for poverty unless you're already rich. The rich should not get richer as the poor get poorer. I understand that raising taxes along with the minimum wage may not be appealing to you, but if the people can stay alive off of minimum wage and actually make money it'll only be high schoolers and college students in minimum wage jobs so they can afford college. Adults will be able to own their own businesses or move on to jobs requiring more experience/education. It may not sound appealing to you but please at least consider it. You could raise the minimum wage over multiple years. It doesn't have to be all at once.

Now on to a separate topic. Religion and State. The United States of America is a multicultural country. It shouldn't have a single religion be the foundation of the country as it moves forward. Church and State need to be separate so that our country can become great for the first time. We should build bridges not walls, the more connections we have to other countries the more we can share and advance technology, energy sources, and political ideas. Eventually maybe even reach the American Dream which I believe was lost to stereotypes and generalisations of ethnic or religious groups. These generalisations cause fear in the people who then act out of fear. Why should our commander in chief encourage such fear? When instead they could encourage the people to reach new heights.

Now, my third and final recommendation for the future president. Clean energy. We are ready to switch whenever we decide. Wind and solar energy are infinite. Why aren't we harnessing them as much as we can? The war for oil would be an expenditure America can opt out of. We could even sell the excess energy so as to create new income. It would also create jobs since people would need of maintain the facilities and machines in them. There is no reason as to why we aren't doing this.

This is the end of my letter to you, the President. In summary, the people of America would benefit from; a higher minimum wage, the separation of church and state, and switching to renewable energy. Isn't your job definition to benefit the American people? So why not do what's best for all of America? I hope you'll read or hear of this letter and take heed of what it's contents are.

With all due respect,

-A concerned citizen, Caleb

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