Nichole Maryland


The issues on abortion and possible solutions.

Dear Mr./ Madam President

I want to inform you of a serious issue that is affecting women in the United States of America. I am not sure what your exact views are on abortion, however, it is an issue that needs to be addressed and must have a solution soon. Many women are harming themselves with self- abortion and even illegal abortions performed by people without medical degrees. To ensure the safety of these women, I believe that America should have safe abortion clinics and accessible birth control, so that no one is being harmed or doing anything illegal. However, there should be guidelines, or requirements a woman needs for an abortion. In Maryland, a woman is eligible for an abortion at anytime, however if a minor is planning in terminating her pregnancy, she would have to inform her parents/ guardians.

However, there are women repeatedly using abortion as a form of birth control. They should not be eligible for more than three abortions because repeated abortions are harmful for the woman's uterus.  I also believe that if the parents of the unborn child do not have an adequate amount of income in order to care for a child, then the termination of the child should be available.This is so that the child is taken care of and that the family does not have to struggle to care for their child.

With the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, there has been debate on whether abortion should really be legal or not. With so many protests against it, women are afraid of being harmed or shunned for getting an abortion; even with the Fourth Amendment (Right to Privacy), women still do not have that privacy. This may not be an issue that we can solve; however, if the life of a mother is threatened by someone because she is trying to terminate her fetus, there should be consequences for the person threatening the mother.

One can take precautions from getting pregnant in the first place by using birth control, but that is only 99% effective. Also, according to the U.S National Library of Medicine, the side effects of some birth control medicines are nausea, swollen breasts, mood swings, weight gain, increase migraines, changes in menstrual cycle and in rare cases, blood clots, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. So I can see why some women may not want to take birth control. But education about the different forms of birth control should be available in school and in local clinics so that many people are informed how to practice safe sex responsibly. However, I still think that birth control should be available to women so that there will not be a lot of abortions. 

Please us your position as President to ensure the access to birth control and the safety of women who choose to terminate their pregnancy. .


Nichole M.