Baylee G. New Mexico

Marijuana Legalization

My name is Baylee. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and this letter I am concerned with the topic: should the US legalize marijuana

Dear Future Mr./Mrs. President:

According to many people legalizing marijuana could become a problem in many areas. For example, some questions are: would legalizing marijuana possibly lead to other ILLEGAL drugs? Could it increase our drug user percentage in the US weather it's for medical reasons or not? Many people are worried about what may come of legalizing marijuana, do you look at these concerns or are you just worried about trying to "help" marijuana users? Some research I have found is that 5 states (Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada) are already deciding weather or not to legalize marijuana and their final decisions will be after elections. Do you think their final decision will depend on you or do you think that they are hoping to just have the whole US legalized? Although many people use marijuana and are maybe addicted, would legalizing it help the US or destroy it with more illegal drugs? Marijuana is the most common used drug in the US is this why you think it should be legalized? Also according to my research I noticed that legalizing it won't just allow people to do this drug freely but it ill open up a gate leading 15% more people to start using marijuana or even other ILLEGAL substances.

In my opinion, I disagree with this decision. I feel that we should not legalize this drug, not because it is bad for the people but because legalizing this drug will lead to many other substances. But also, if we do legalize this drug, it won't bother me to an extent for example if people can keep it to themselves and keep it away from me Iā€™m fine with you legalizing it. But you need to look at if they are using it around other people who ask them not to they should not be able to use the substance if they can not be responsible. I truly hope you take deep thought into this problem and look at both sides of the people who smoke marijuana and also the people who don't. Because looking at both sides on how they feel is really important and should be required before making your decision.

Thank you for your time and listening to what I think is important to the US, also thank you for your service, and I'm looking forward to you as my future president. When you become president I hope that you can address this issue because this topic is important to me and other non-smokers.


Baylee G.