Kenneth B. California


How are you, as the next President of the United States going to handle not only illegal immigration law, but also the illegal immigrants in the country already.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

        My question to you as next President of the United States is, how are you going to handle immigration laws as it stands in the United States, as well as dealing with the illegal immigration into the country. I personally come from a huge family of immigrants that have come from both Portugal, and Spain, with my grandmother and her family having had to work hard to come into this country legally. I know that for them it was a long and difficult process getting in this country so my mother and aunt could have a better life. 

       So part of me wants those that have come here without having to go through all of that to not just get a free card. The process does need to be fixed in order to lessen the number of families that do try to come here illegally, because that process is so long and difficult. But leaving immigration laws as they are isn't going to solve anything, and using obnoxious methods in order to stop illegals isn't anymore of a solution then leaving the laws the way they are. This country was and still is built on immigrants, so making immigration laws a priority I think should be on your mind when entering office. I do hope that if laws are changed that it takes into consideration both sides of this problem. As I think others could agree, what makes a great president is someone that can look on both sides before making a decision that can greatly effect the United States.                                                                                              

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