Desiree Washington

Land of Liberty and Justice for All

We need to let more immigrants into the U.S to help rebuild their lives and give them a greater hope for tomorrow.

Dear Future President,

I would like to give you some insight on the importance of allowing more immigrants into the U.S. We need to be more lenient when it comes to allowing immigrants in the U.S due to the fact that the majority of the people that come here out of country are going through disasters, tragedies, and just want a greater hope for tomorrow.

In foreign countries, there are wars going on within that is killing their people. Women, men, children, and people of all ages are having their lives taken from them over battles that are nonetheless, unnecessary. Their governments are corrupt and there is no place of safety. There can only be one option from there, and that is to flee their country. Flipping their whole lives around, immigrants are just looking for a place of refuge. Using Syria as an example, 1,515 Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war in their homeland had been admitted to the U.S since the beginning of July and by the time October rolled around, 6,726 were admitted according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data. This data is important because it gives us an insight of how many people are just looking for a new beginning due to their old life being left in ruins.

When it comes to natural disasters, there is nothing we can do that can prevent them from happening. Earthquakes, erosion, and floods are just some of the things that have been taking place causing people to leave to a more stable environment. A study from Christian Aid said that within the next 50 years, 1 billion people could be displaced due to climate change. These disasters are leaving people out of a house and home, which yes, here in the U.S we get natural disaster too, but we can recover more quickly than a third world country due to our surplus amount of resources. Due to high poverty rates, there is not a whole lot of things a country can do if they do not even have enough food to feed their people. This is important because America is more well off than other countries so, why not share the wealth?

In 2010, I heard about the massive earthquake in Haiti that devastated the whole country and left the life of the people in shambles. I remember sitting at the edge of my mother's bed watching them fundraise money for their nation asking us to call the number on the screen to donate. I wish I could’ve because I just wondered, “where are they going to sleep?” and “how will they live their everyday lives?”. It was heartbreaking and it made me wish all of the people of the Haitian Nation could have a new beginning in our great home of America. There is such opportunity for a better outcome, I wanted them to have that because everything that they worked for, was gone.

Keeping events like this in mind, we need to allow more immigrants into the U.S because we are the more superior nation that can help rebuild these people's lives. Some people come looking for a new career so in the long run, we can build our economy as well. As the profound nation that we are, we should allow more immigrants into the U.S to give them a second shot at life and to have the necessities that they need to prosper.