Nicole New York

Modern Day Slavery in the Islamic State

ISIS is treating women cruelly and unfairly and we need to help.

Dear Next President,

Imagine that you’re someone else’s property: a slave. Imagine that you were raped against your will or you have to see people being beheaded. As a matter of fact, imagine that you had to eat rotten food that may have dirty things in it, like glass. You might be thinking: A slave?  In the 21st century? That’s quite “impossible." But guess what? According to The Washington Post it’s 100% real and a permanent state for about 30 million people and youth in a total of 167 countries. This is troubling for us because our country is founded on freedom. And some of the worst treatmetn of enslaved people happens in ISIS. I care about how ISIS is treating people unfairly just because they aren’t Muslims. This is important to me because I think everyone should have freedom no matter what their beliefs or what type of race they are or what type of person they are.

Slavery is happening right now is in the the Islamic State (by the group called ISIS) and to me alongside many others in the world it is a huge problem because they are abusing, raping, and mistreating people. For example, they would give them rotten food and rice with stuff in it like glass. ISIS doesn’t want the sex slaves to give birth because if the sex slave becomes pregnant then they can’t trade the slave away, but if a woman has a kid that’s young they would train the child in the brutal ways of ISIS. According to Daily Mail a kid that was no older than 12 had to behead a person. Also ISIS can make a kid that’s no older than 12 shoot a person from point blank range.

Imagine one day you were having a regular day until suddenly ISIS came, raided your village, killed all the men and then took you captive. Just imagine that you were being told that you are now a sex slave to the people who killed your close friends and family. Imagine your mother, who is a senior, getting killed in front of you. Imagine that you see a girl who is nine years old or older being raped. Can you imagine how brutal that is? Those girls are much younger than I am and I don’t worry about being raped daily, and neither do most of America’s kids, so why do these people have to suffer like that? According to RT News, the girls’ captors beat them brutally, repeatedly and treated them like animals along with raping them against their will.

Please help reduce the amount of people in slavery. Please take action soon because people in slavery or in ISIS’ control are being killed quickly. We should help by sending over people who want to help the women being held by ISIS to escape ISIS’ control. We should also help by stopping any trade with countries that use slaves to make goods. As part of the USA operation in the Islamic State we should help liberate slaves and free them from their captors because, at the end of the day, as Americans we believe in “liberty and justice for all.”




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