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Illegal Immigration

All illegal immigrants deserve the same opportunities as American Citizens and should not be discriminated because of their race.

Dear Future President,

Before anything I just want to congratulate you on winning the election, you worked very hard in order to get this very important part in our country, I know it wasn't an easy task to persuade everyone but you accomplished. I would like to approach to you a countywide issue that i'm hoping you can help us find a solution with. This issue has been around for many years and have a variety of opinions based on this issue. Immigration.

First I’d like to address, the one brilliant solution to get all the illegal immigrants out of this country is to ‘’BUILD A WALL’’. Well, that is probably the most absurd idea I've ever heard because this country is made up of 11 million immigrants that help THIS country grow and flourish. They do not take our jobs, they take the jobs on the fields that no American Citizen will ever think about working for. Deporting all 11 million immigrants will not only decrease the population in the US but mostly all the workers that are on the fields will leave. Illegal immigrants help our economy grow and strengthen, for example, they create small businesses. 18% of small businesses owners in the US are immigrants. Deporting illegal won’t help benefit this country, like i said before they are helping our economy while benefiting themselves. The least we can do in return is give them what they deserve.

In addition, illegal immigrants deserve the same opportunities as american citizens, just because they come from different countries does not give people the right to treat them like they are irrelevant and not worth anything. We were all once immigrants, and we just come here to the USA for opportunities, better lives, and acceptance. They deserve to become american citizens, receive the proper education and attend college, get a well paid job, and support their lives and families without getting discriminated. That’s why they came here.

Likewise, Immigrant's dream for a better life and that's exactly why they come to the USA, not only for them but also for their families. There are many reasons why immigrants come to the US, wars/conflicts in their country might be so bad that they had to move countries for their own safety, a corrupt government, and better life styles for themselves and families. How would you feel if you were dreaming for something to important to you, working so hard so support yourself and family, and all of the sudden have someone crush them? Someone that doesn't understand what you’re going though and you’re just doing everything possible to be positive. The USA is a country made up from different cultures and its very diverse, and by making all the illegal immigrants leave, their beautiful culture will leave as well. All they want to do is feel like they belong somewhere.

Lastly, Many people are saying that all the illegal immigrants are taking our jobs and leaving real american citizens without. The illegal immigrants are creating small businesses out all over the country and with others help, they can create that into something big and successful. Also, the only jobs illegal immigrants can get at the moment are jobs out on the field that pay very little. If we deport all the immigrants, who will pick all the fruits and vegetables that land on your plate? Because I know for sure that no americans will do that.

In conclusion, Put yourself in a kids shoes that both of their parents are illegal immigrants. Would you like to see your parents be taken from you at such a young age just because they aren't legal citizens. They put so much effort into creating a nice family in the US and then someone comes and takes that away from them. Many immigrants come to the US for a better life for them and their family and i believe that there should be someone or something to support what they are doing and for what will benefit them in the future. I surely hope you can help these illegal immigrants get the same opportunities as American Citizens.

Sincerely, High School Student 

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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