Annie F. Connecticut

No Homework

As a current High School student, I am well aware of the unnecessary amounts of homework that is assigned everyday, all over the United States. It negatively effects teens health and eliminating it would allow for a stronger education and healthier life style in teens across the United States.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Starting at the age of 2, and continuing until the age of adulthood, an average kids “profession” is school. By the age of 6 they are spending 6 hours of everyday in the classroom. And into Middle School and High School, they are woken up in the early hours of the morning to attend school, 5 days a week, for 6 hours. Later, they are sent home, to spend more hours on their Homework, which they were assigned at school. By the time most are finished, it is time to eat dinner, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning to repeat it again. They are given little, to no time, to be social, and to learn from the world around them. Homework assigned to kids should be eliminated because it causes large amounts of unhealthy stress on students, it takes away from time where kids should be spending time outside, being social, and because there are studies that show it doesn’t even improve students achievements.

When a student is assigned homework, the stress of when and how it is going to be completed, immediately  comes into their head. Often causing distraction from their present school work. Stress also occurs when the student gets home to do the homework assignments. They worry that it won’t all get done and spend time stressing about the work itself, instead of completing it to the best of their ability. Stress caused by homework can lead to blood pressure issues, heart disease, and sometimes obesity. An easy fix to this unnecessary stress in teens is eliminating homework. If teens are not given hours of homework, then they will not have to worry about being able to get it done, and we be able to focus during school itself. 

Every weekday morning, teens are forced to wake up at very early hours of the morning, in order to get to school on time. During the day, studies show that when teens are not allowed enough sleep, they are tired and do not focus in school as well as they need too. Most are up late working on their homework. Because so much time is spent working, teens are not allowed enough time to be social. They wake up in the morning, go to school (work), go home, and work. Over the weekend, though kids are given time to sleep in, they are still assigned work that they spend time doing one what is supposed to be there 2 days off from school. They are never given time for themselves. If homework was eliminated in schools, or lessened, kids could be given the time that they need to be social. Without this, school becomes their entire life, which is not a healthy lifestyle because activity is also important, if not more.

So much time doing homework, does it even help students? There are studies done by The Center for Public Education that show that homework doesn’t even raise the achievement level of students. If it does not increase their achievement level, then is there any reason for it to be given? Instead, homework is causing all of these negative effects on students. They are going through unhealthy stress, and not getting enough time to be healthy and social. As the president, eliminating homework is an easy fix, and the extents of its positive effects on students are great

As the newly elected president of the United States, if you eliminate homework at schools across the nation, then none of these things would be an issue. Kids would be able to focus better in school and work harder to achieve at higher levels. Stress, limited social life, and unhealthy habits, does not seem to be worth the hours of extra school work that students face everyday across the country, when they get home.There are more important things that kids could be working on then school work in which they just spent 6 hours of their day doing. 


Annie Frey 

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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