Jewel California

Lesser of Two Evils

What are the pros and cons of both presidential candidates?

Dear Madam/Mr. Future President,

I am a half Latina 17 year old girl. I’ve been hearing many different things on the news and seen many different things on the internet. There are many ideas and opinions I have towards some of the most popular areas of concern. Like women’s rights. I do not feel safe in this country anymore because Donald Trump is so close to running our country, especially because I am a Latina young woman. My father is an immigrant who gained citizenship when he was 18. I’m scared of what will become of me, as I am his child, if Trump is president. More so, however, I am genuinely scared of what will happen to me as a woman. I am do not want my future children growing up in a place where they learn about “President Trump” in school or have to deal with the consequences of his choices. Trump’s “solutions” to immigration are likely not to be very popular amongst a population that is 17.6% Latino.

Conversely, I feel that Hillary Clinton made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. She made a bad choice and I hope she will learn from it. Something that worries me about her, though, is what her tactics about ISIS will be. I think we should spend less money on the wars that do not directly have to do with us and use that money for public education and health care. Millions of people are dying because they can’t afford health care, which is an awful thing to happen in a country supposedly so great. I also wonder about what her methods of gun control would be.

I honestly would like Clinton to win the election because I believe she would be more professional in her choices. Trump, in my opinion, is a misogynist and racist who will use his power as president to do what he thinks is a good political move. This would also be much more likely if his cabinetry and other government positions are filled with his supporters. My fear is very real and I believe that the President of the United States should not be feared.

Hopeful, Jewel