Emily P. Connecticut


Abortion should be a choice to the women.


Hello. I am Emily Putman, a 15 year old student in Westport, Connecticut at Staples High School. I think that the next president of the United States will have to tackle the controversy on abortion, however, the government should become less involved in abortion and it should be a choice to the women who is actually carrying the baby. I believe in something called, “pro-choice,” this means that the woman should choose whether to keep, giveaway, or have an abortion.

Personally, abortion should be something up to the people, the women to be exact. This topic is something government really does not have to be involved in. It is a choice a woman will make for herself and for the fetus. To you Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton, maybe step back on abortion and let the people make their choices. By all means support it of course. There is no doubt that there will be people who disagree with abortion and called it “murder.” There is tons of evidence on countering this. For example, Planned Parenthood Advertisement says, “seventy seven percent of anti abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant”. This explains how people don’t necessarily need to be “pro-life” or against abortion, when they don’t even have to have one. “Against abortion? Don’t have one.” (Anonymous). You do not even need to be against abortion if it doesn't personally affect you, you do not have to have an abortion, but for some women, it is necessary.

Rape is something that is a growing issue and abortion can help those women who have been raped and have been impregnated when they really did not want to be and when it was forced upon them. MIT facts about pro choice explains the details about rape and abortion, “14,000 women have abortions following rape or incest.” Some women medically need abortions because the fetus can be dangering to the women. Abortions are something the future president needs to make pro choice because having an abortion is something that can be harmful and it should always be available to those who need or want it. I believe that those who are pro life and pro choice should make a “happy medium” and make a latest time that you can have an abortion. Right now it is six months, I think that is good. However, keep abortion pro choice and up to the women. These people are not ready to have children and take care of them, abortions are helping them and they are the women's choice to make.

Abortion should become a private matter and not a government matter it should be pro-choice. Women may not have the situations where they can have a baby and take care of it or even carry that baby. People always argue how adoption is an option, however, this person may have gotten pregnant by accident, been raped, or is just too young. Adoption puts many more children orphanages and gives them tough lives. It should be up to the women and it should be their choice.

Thank you. Please keep these topics in mind.

Emily Putman

Staples High School


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