Austin H. North Carolina

Immigration to the U.S

Immigration to the U.S is a big deal and I don't like that an illegal immigrant could come over and take my parents' jobs or even my future job.

Dear Future President,

Immigration to the United States is a very big debate in everyday life because there are two sides to this situation. There is the side that thinks immigration is horrible, and they think everyone should go back to where they come from. Then there is the side that is completely OK with immigration and thinks the immigrants are just trying to come to America to get a better life and job to survive well. These are completely different thoughts and ideas, but I agree with the people who think they just want better jobs. It's true. However, I don't think they should come over here and take all of our jobs by working for less. They are willing to work for less because any money they make is more than they had Since they are willing to work for less pay, they could potentially take my parents job or take my future job.

There have been about 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants that have come to the United States since January 2012 compared to the 11.5 million in 2011. 42% of immigrants to the U.S come from countries including the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Korea. The second biggest place that immigrants to the U.S. come from is Mexico. Sources say,“The United States borders are more secure than ever,” but in my opinion, 11.4 million immigrants doesn’t prove to me that the borders are any kind of secure. The issue here is that these other countries have way too many people and not enough jobs for everyone to make a living, so the desperate ones make the move to America in search of a better job. Another problem is that we made laws a long time ago and when countries started to notice how easy it was to get into the country and that we didn't care, they made their way over here. As the New York Times wrote, on September 1, 2016 “ create a deportation task force and maintain zero tolerance for criminal aliens,’ said Donald Trump. Something I think the President should do is enforce the laws of immigration a lot harder and make strict punishments for someone coming into the U.S illegally. I don’t mind all the people that come to the U.S legally, but the people who did it by breaking laws should be punished. I believe that once we enforce punishment on those who enter illegally, it will stop. I also believe that we can maintain jobs when we require the same of immigrants that we do of a U.S. citizen.  

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