Nevin M.

Stop terrorism using non violent methods

Using pacifist methods to stop an ever growing problem.

Dear Future President,

Ever since 9/11, Americans had looked back and thought of the days before the terrible incident. How did our country time and time again not learn from the mistakes of using violence to stop terrorism? Each battle with terrorism ends up making a breeding ground for a new major terrorist group. It may take a few seconds to kill a man, but to kill an ideology takes years. We need to stop terrorism not with bloodshed, but with pacifist methods.

If proper education were given to the youth of Islam, they could make better life choices.” A fascinating case happened in Jammu & Kashmir, in India, where an NGO decided to provide education to children in a terror hit district. Surprisingly many terrorists surrendered after they saw that their children were getting a good education and their families were now getting support from the Government” (By Enlightening People with Good Beliefs, Thoughts, and Education We Can Change Their Mind Set).Terrorists are warping the minds of children in Islam making and distorting them for their benefit, but education gives these children a way to better engage themselves in today's life.

Many of those who are victims of social injustice tend to develop a grudge against that country and later might want to take revenge. John Horgan, Ph.D., who directs the Pennsylvania State University's International Center for the Study of Terrorism found that those who might be victims to radicalization feel alienated and become convinced that their political involvement won’t make the change. His studies also found that they join with groups they believe are fighting the same social injustice.

Invest in both social and economic initiatives in regions where terrorist groups are active. If the population that ISIS and other terrorists had enough of life’s needs like running water and stable jobs would be they be a recruiting base? Many terrorist groups have gained strength because of the economic benefits and education that ISIS provide for fallen members. They take advantage of grief and anger in communities and handing each person weaponry. If each community were self-sustaining, there would be no need for the benefits that ISIS give.

By fighting ISIS at the end of a gun, we are setting the stage for a new terrorist group. Terrorism is like a tree, if you attack the branches, new ones will sprout, but if you kill the roots of the problem no more can grow. We must not fall as a victim of terrorism and end this problem once and for all. That is why President we are counting on you to stop terrorism using peaceful ways targeting the cause.


Nevin M.