David H. Ohio

Terrorism and Airport Security

This letter explains how you should up airport security to reduce terrorism.

Dear Future President,

We need to work on making terrorism a thing of the past because people are dying and the numbers keep getting higher. For example, terrorism has gradually intensified in craziness since the 1960s and 70s. Terrorism has obviously picked up since September, 11, 2001 which is probably the most notable attack in history because of how crazy it was and how it was carried out. The reason these attacks are happening is because we need more security in places that do not have a lot such as places like malls, there should even be more security at airports because even though there is quite a bit now there are still ways to get past it leading to the endangerment of innocent lives.

Airport security is really safe nowadays, but we still need to add more measures to make it as perfect and safe as possible. As a result of adding more measures to keep travelers and employees safe airports would almost never have another hijacking or terrorist attack and that is the goal. If you have noticed security breaches have decreased more and more as metal detectors and x-rays have gotten implemented as well as additional bomb screenings in the 1980s. This is exactly what proves this point because if terrorism can be eliminated in airports we are taking a big leap forward and it gives us an increased chance to decreasing terrorism as a whole.

There have been many stereotypes made about foreigners, and it isn’t fair to them but, we still need more measures made to make sure the foreigners coming in the airport are not affiliated with any crimes or acts of terror. The U.S. has done many things to help with this because people have been denied access into the country if they did not have a proper visa or had a criminal record. For instance, in 2015 10,700 people were denied access into our country because of the reasons above which is honestly scary because that means they could have been potential terrorists. A lot of people probably still got into our country, and even if they didn’t do an attack, they could have done something else. These people could have robbed or killed someone and got away with it which means some of these people are out there, which is terrifying.

Overall, we need to increase security measures and background checks in airports to decrease terrorism as much as we can so that we do not really have to worry about airport terror attacks anymore. Doing this will help the fight in the war against terrorism so much and it will put a ton of people at ease when they travel. Security measures are getting more and more advanced and eventually we will have airports labeled as some of the safest places in America. Even though some people think airport security is intrusive, it needs to be upped because at the end of the day, do you want safety or to be a little annoyed? Thank you for reading this future president and I would love to see these changes in place, I also look forward seeing how you will improve America.


David from Ohio

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