Evigail C. Utah

The War Against Terror

The War on Terror has struck many people in our daily lives and maybe it has impacted you but, we have to take a stand against the Terrorists that are threatening the world and our people who live around us. We are living right now where the military is trying to take down the terrorists in the Middle East but so far it has been a struggle. We have to take action now! We have to protect the ones we love from these bad organizations.

Once our great President George W. Bush gave our following nation a speech named the 9/11 Address To The Nation after the tragedy and said,“America and our friends and allies join with all those who want peace and security in the world, and we stand together to win the war against terrorism.”So we have to put an end to terrorism in our lives we have to take full action we have many reasons to act and take down these groups. First reason is to go to the Middle East and rat out all the terrorist groups, another reason would be that we have to stop supporting dictators who fund terrorists because the Saudi Arabians have backed up ISIS also it has been the hotbed for the most top terrorist group like al Qaeda, and my last reason would be that we have to stop drone assassinations of innocent civilians and also these drone attacks are increasing the new population of terrorists.

My first reason again is that we have to go to the Middle East and get rid of the terrorists because the longer the wait the more attacks that will happen and more innocent will people will fall under the hands of terrorists. Also we are not the only ones trying to fight against these bad people we are fighting along Israel and other countries in Europe like France, Great Britain, and Germany. Most of the current solutions we tried doing to get rid of the terrorists were military combat. With these attacks on the ground they were sufficient but the problem is that the terrorist groups are heavily armed and they are really strategic against their enemies which makes them very troubling for our country and other countries. This is why if we wait any longer they will get more powerful so we have to act now and take charge with the help of other countries to remove the terrorists.

My second reason is that we have to stop supporting dictators who fund terrorists and again some of these dictators have funded many terrorist groups but the most deadly for us is al-Qaeda and ISIS. We had some troubled battles with them and lost many lives on the war against terror. Also Saudi Arabia is the hotbed of the most radical Muslim terrorists in the world and Saudi Arabia was known to backup or to help out in the 9/11 hijack attacks. Also on Global Research they state that, “Top American terrorism experts say that U.S. support for brutal and tyrannical countries in the Middle east – like Saudi Arabia –is one of the top motivators for Arab terrorists.” To add on we have been funding the the Saudi’s military for about 70 years so I say we have to stop funding if that country is the growing stage for terrorist groups From this we can see we have made mistakes that we still do today on how we help out with the globe with stopping attack on terrorists and we can see with this mistake we might have even helped out like top terrorist groups in Saudi Arabia grow.

My last reason is we have to stop using drone attacks because so far we have done progress with killing top leaders of Isis but it has its consequences because we do get our targets but we also get innocent people who we take their lives. There are other times where we do not get any of the terrorist leaders down but again instead we take away lives of innocent people and from there new groups of terrorism. I can see why the government takes in consideration of using these drone strikes to take down our major threat groups and also taking down people who might hurt us but we also have to look at how the US is not looking to kill innocent people but we did have those times where we had that happen and it is unfortunate but we have stop and take some time or stop using drone strikes because most of the times we use them we kill more innocent people than just killing our major terrorist groups. So I can see why we use drone strikes to take down our enemies but also we have to look at the damages caused by these airstrikes.

My conclusion is that after I talked to you about the solutions we can do to stop terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Isis from growing and becoming a major deep threat to all the countries in the world. My reasons were we have to now take action and drive out the bad organizations in the Middle East as quickly as possible, we also have to stop supporting dictators who fund terrorists because that is a huge problem and mistake we have made, and my last reason is that we have to stop using air drone strikes on poor innocent civilians only to strike on one major leader of a terrorist group. So after telling you possible solutions on stopping Terrorism from forming or building up we now have to take full action on stopping from any further damage that might come in the future or in our country, so now it the time for us to take action and prevent any more tragedies that might happen. So let us take a stand and finally once and for all defeat Terrorism! 

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