Alexander E. Ohio

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is issue and it needs to stop, people have scarier things to fear than police.

Police Brutality really needs to stop it needs to resolved before even more people get hurt for no reason.

Dear Mr.President:

There is a problem that faces people's everyday life and that is police brutality.That is why i am writing this letter because it very urgent to people of a different race other than White. Police are supposed to protect you not make you live in fear.

There are a ton of black people dying each year because of these violent acts conducted by the police. There are about 30 percent of Black victims were unarmed in 2015 compared to the 19 percent of White victims. NOW tell me that does not make you just say wow or the fact that Black people are 3 times more likely to get killed by police than Whites. People wonder why there are protest and other violent acts. Then, Police aren’t even getting charged with the killing of people. About 97 percent of the cases involving police shootings the police didn’t get charged. Also Fewer than 1 in 3 Black people killed by police in america were suspected of violent crime and alleged armed.

I know that you can’t really stop it but you can make the public aware and open up people’s eyes and see that this is a problem and it really needs to stop. You can tell the world about Ferguson and what happened there. Or you can tell the world about a guy who got shot by a rookie police officer because of jumping and breaking cars windows in a dealership. There is no reason for him to have gotten killed by that a year or two of jail time and that would be it but no now he is dead and he was only nineteen, he had a whole life ahead of him. There are a lot more stories more in depth and more heart wrenching, you should go check them out

I just want you and the people to be more aware about the shooting and how it needs to stop. We can’t control all people’s actions but we should be able to control the police actions.


Alexander Eanes