Iralney Lareu Florida

Letter to the President

Abolishment of all kind of drugs in the country.

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

RE: Abolishment of all Drugs.

Dear president,

I am a resident of Miami, Florida, and I am writing this letter to you because of the big problems our society is having due to the consuming of drugs.

The United States have the law that anyone under the age of 21, can’t consume alcohol beverage. Also the majority of the states have marijuana and all the other dangerous drugs as illegal. Since the 1920’s, the country have been fighting against the consuming of drugs. It is noticeable that in the war against drugs the country has won many battles, but still need to win the war due to the fact that we still have violent cartels who are creating a big negative impact in our society mainly in our vulnerable newer generations. Scientific investigations have demonstrated that youth physical and psychological states of development cause them to be highly susceptible to the ill-effects of drug use not only at the moment of use, but for years to come as well. Moreover, the behavior patterns that result from teen drug use often result in tragic consequences. The future of a country wellbeing and the safety of the communities is at risk do to this issue.

As young, concerned citizen of Florida, I honestly agree that drugs are an issue that our nation is presently facing. I believe that with determination and focus the problems against drug affecting our society would be solved sooner than we think. Drugs destroy family and individual’s life by creating addiction to it. Also people get into gangs who consume and sell drugs. Due to this our towns and communities can become unsafe. This also can affect our country education, economy, families and nation wide welfare. I strongly believed that the best way to deal with this matter is by attacking at its roots.

Specifically, I am writing to ask you to in the first place to keep hope against the drug war. I also want to ask you to fight harder against the narcotic cartels, provide more help to people addicted to the consuming of drugs, like centers where they can get a cure against the effects of the drugs. Also to improve, maintain and supervise those neighbors in our nation that do to their economic status and way of life, are label as dangerous because they create gangs and are a market to buy drugs. I know that not just me, but the whole nation would benefit from these programs that would help our society combat drugs.

Thank you for considering this matter.


Iralney Lareu.

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