cole t. Montana

drug testing high school athletes

why we should drug test all student athletes in high school

Dear next president,

My name is Cole Thomas and I attend Belgrade High School. I play American Legion Baseball in Montana. Our team gets drug tested about 3 times a year. This impacted our team and how we performed I believe. Last year we had two players fail and our season was bad, this year no one failed it and our season was good. I think high school sports should also have mandatory drug tests as well. I believe it should be mandatory in all schools to make all student athletes take drug tests if they are in a sport. If you play sports there is no reason you should use drugs or alcohol. Playing sports is a privilege and not a right, which means you have to be responsible and make good choices.

I know in many schools you have to sign off saying you will not do drugs or alcohol. I feel like it is not enforced hard enough. I do know that they are expensive, the average cost is about thirty dollars per person. Some people may make the excuse saying they need a drug for medical reasons which is fine, but if it is a medical are they really capable of being able to perform at their top ability? The answer is no. Using drugs can make you have not as good judgement or unable to focus for a detain amount of time. All though it may be bad for your health, sporting activities, and school. Drugs such as marijuana can decrease speed, and lung capacity. Also, drugs are illegal so athletes in high school are doing it illegally most likely.

So, next president please try to make a movement to make high schools take drug tests on their athletes. It would make a difference in high school sports I believe.


Cole Thomas