Coral C. New Mexico

Gay Adoption

This letter is to the president telling my thoughts on gay adoption and why this could be an issue to many people.

Dear Future President; 

I wanted to talk about my thoughts on gay adoption and how that effects me and the people around me. My goal when I was young, was to have a family; many people have that exact same goal in there life. Where it concerns me is when my friends and family are effected by it. My aunt always talks about how she wants a family, but not yet. She is in nursing school and doesn't want a child quite yet because nursing school is very hard and you get a lot of homework and you spend most of your free time at school, with a child it would be tough. She wants to have children after she gets out of school. The only "problem" here is she likes people the same sex as her. If you end up taking away her only preferred way of having children then her dream of having a big family will be destroyed. And it could be the same with other people as well. 

If we took away the rights of gay adoption wouldn't you be worried that the adoption centers would be crowded? There are about 135,000 children adopted in the U.S. per year, over 5 percent of adoptions are by gay parents. Same sex cupels raising adopter children are older, more educated and have more economic resources than other parents, And there is about 65,500 adopted american children living with same sex couples. If you took that away there would be less kids getting adopted and more sad people wishing to be parents. What would you do with those kids, there would be a lot more. If you want to restrict gay adoption because you feel children should not see gay parents being happy together because the children might think it is okay, then that should be the parents decision to raise there children like that. Wouldn't you rather children see that they had gay parents, but a full life ahead of them and there own family rather than not getting adopted and feeling worthless, like they don't belong, living a low class life with bad habits because of this small "problem."

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and hear my opinion on this subject. I know there are many important issues in our world today, but i feel that gay adoption rights may not be getting the attention it needs. I thank you for working to improve this problem and working to fix it. 


Coral Castillon