Zhuoying C. New York

Help our birth mother earth

Please fight against climate change

Dear President,

As we know, the earth is our birth mother and we have the responsibility to help the earth get better, not instead keep hurting the earth. The arctic ice is melting, which can cause the polar bear losing their food and have no place to live in. I ask you to please fight climate change. Instead of coal, have America switch to solar energy.

In research show that since 1800 the temperature of the earth has increased by nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the ice of melting the bear get forced to go to villages and get food. If the situation is keep going either the bears are going to get hurt or the humans will get hurt. Also, there is data that say that the population of the polar bears is decreasing a lot from 2006 to 2010, the population got over 1500 to 600. To stop this from happening, we need to stop using coal. The main reason that the earth is getting warmer and warmer is we use coal for our energy. We all know that coal is a great resource, however, burning coal it is twice the carbon dioxide and it has more pollution than others. I also know that a lot of countries agree to limit the use of coal however it didn’t work a lot still there are some countries still using a lot of coal.

The United States is the world known country, a strong country where we have freedom of speech and freedom to vote. We should be the first one to take action and protect the earth. There is a suggestion you might consider, maybe you are familiar with is solar energy. Solar energy is easy to do, we can use the panel which is on the cover is an anti-reflecting cover which protects that reflect back to the sun. in below of the anti-reflecting cover, there is conductor which can make the electricity work.







Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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