Jack Wisconsin

The Inconvient Issue. Climate Change

Climate Change. The Inconvenient Truth as Al Gore said in 2006. Now 10 years later we are slowly seeing the affects. Climate Change isn't just a one time thing, its a reoccurring domino effect. The time to act is now.

Dear Next President,

Time is running out. The time to act is now. For too long we have talked and talked and haven’t taken action. I’m talking about Climate Change. Climate Change is a threat not just to our country, but globally. According to theglobaleducationproject.org since and even before the Industrial Revolution the amount of coal and natural gases we burn has skyrocketed! The scary part is we’ve known about this for decades! Climate change is the increase of Carbon Dioxide in the air. This traps in heat in the Earth's atmosphere and warms the temperature of the Earth. As a result, the ice in the arctic is melting and dumping into the sea. As a result of that the sea level rises causing floods, and if big and efficient enough can in-golf land, which can flood farms, crops, and homes. An example of this would be parts of Florida that is slowly sinking. Sadly the governor of Florida doesn't believe that Climate change is real, according to National Geographic. 

Here’s some ideas of what we can do to help to start eliminate this problem. The first step to start eliminating Climate Change is to put a tax on Carbon. What this will do hopefully is slow the sale of Carbon. The same method on putting a tax on specific items was/is used for cigarettes and tobacco, and was successful. This will help by leaving fossil fuels in the ground, where they belong. We can also take a step forward as a country and vote for leaders who will take action on climate change, invest in renewable's which is energy efficient. We can also consume what we eat differently, which I know is probably one of the hardest steps to take. What I mean by this is eating chicken opposed to beef, this is healthier for us and to the environment.

The next President of the United States in my eyes has to take serious action in the future to turn this issue into a solution. “The world is now watching. You will either be lauded by future generations, of vilified by them. You are the last best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it, or we and all living things we cherish our history”. - Leonardo DiCaprio


Jack S. 

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

All juniors are enrolled in a required civics and public policy course called American Public Policy. The capstone project is the Issue Investigation - students identify an issue that can be solved by the creation, modification, elimination of a public policy. Student letters are their first research step in the Issue Investigation process.

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