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Is there a better solution for refugees?

Having refugees in America is not the safest solution. Eliminating refugees can eliminate the problem of terrorists. It is also not the most cost friendly for America. The United States can help by funding other countries that can support refugees.

Dear Next President:

I want to discuss the issue of refugees and terrorism in America. I do not think it is a good idea for refugees to come to America. One point I would like to make is that bringing refugees into the United States is not safe for the citizens, because our screening process for refugees has proven to not be reliable. For example, there have been terrorists attacks in California and Texas. These attacks were committed from refugees from Iraq. The refugees lied during the screening process, proving our screening process is not reliable. For refugees who are in danger, it would not make sense for them to come to a country that is also not safe. For the United State’s citizens sake,not letting refugees come to our country will help our country stay safe and secure, decreasing the amount of terrorist attacks.

Another point I would like to make is that the process for refugees to come to America costs too much for the United States. The cost for these refugees to travel to America is immense and not always practical. The cost for traveling is paid by United States taxpayers. Traveling would normally cost about twenty thousand dollars. America would also have to support these people. In order to build a new life, the refugees would also need cash welfare, food stamps, housing, and medical aid. These necessities would have the value of an additional nineteen thousand dollars. The United States unemployment rate as of 2016 is 4.9 percent. If America does not have enough jobs to support the population right now, how can the United States have enough jobs for the new refugees? If refugees do not find a job they could face disturbing effects of poverty.

Yet another point I would like to make is that America could help support countries that are accepting refugees. These countries should also have a safer and more reliant screening process. I think it is important to help refugees because they are not safe where they currently live. If the United States government gives the amount of money that we spend on the refugees currently to the countries that are allowing refugees, then the refugees could be supported elsewhere, while America can still be safe. Overall, it is not the safest idea for refugees to come to America. However helping other countries support the refugees, could be the safest, smartest, and most effective solution to this problem that has been a popular topic over this election.



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