Riley H. Minnesota

Animal Abuse

Anyone who abuses animals should get in trouble with the law.

Dear Future President,

Too many animals are getting abused. “Animal abuse is happening everywhere in America and it's happening every day. Even though there is a law against it. (Riley, pg.1)”. People need to take a stand to help stop animal abuse. I believe that it is very wrong and mean to abuse animals.

I am an animal lover and it hurts me to see and hear that animals are getting abused. People who just leave their pets when they move probably don’t think that doing that is animal abuse, but it is. Most people when they move somewhere that can’t have pets, you think they would find a new home for them, right? Wrong, some people just leave their pets. It matters because people should take the time to find a new home for their pets not just leave them to die. Also, people chain their dogs up outside all year round which is just cruel. In my eyes, all dogs should be allowed inside when it’s fall or winter. It matters because dogs are like us, we get sick. People who do abuse animals should stop before they get in big trouble.

I get that when you have a pet they can get on your nerves. But that is not an excuse to hurt or abuse them. I know from experience that training a pet can be hard and make you mad, but it should not lead to animal abuse. I f it does than you shouldn’t have a pet. It matters because you should love your pet(s) not hurt or abuse them. If you hurt or abuse animals you are a bad person and should be put in jail.

You should reinforce the law that says that you should not harm or abuse any animal. This is closely connected Global Goal #15. It should be a priority because it is happening everywhere and should be put to a stop.


Riley H-B

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

Global Studies class letters connecting national issues to the UN's Global Goals.

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