Aidan K. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigration Problems In the US

Problems with illegal immigration in the US.

Dear Mr. President, 

           I believe that immigration is a very big problem in the US, and if you fixed it our country would truly benefit and prosper. One big problem is that illegal immigrants are committing crimes in our country. According to the United States Government Office in 2011 the illegals in our jails and prisons were responsible for 25,000 homicides. In 2013 the Obama administration allowed 300,000 criminal aliens back into the US. Between 9/11 to 2014 around 380 non native people were convicted in terror cases. 

Another huge problem is that illegal immigration is greatly affecting our economy. On Sept. 22, 2016 National Review found that our current immigration policy is costing US tax payer 300 billion dollars a year. Also illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs. Companies are taking advantage of illegal immigrants by allowing them to work for them but for below minimum wage. This is keeping the unemployment population high, and it's making it hard for Americans and legal immigrants to earn a middle class wage.  This is a big problem. We can't allow them to get away with this. I believe actual Americans and legal immigrants should be the first in line and more deserving to get a job here than illegals. This is affecting the lives of US citizens, and putting a hurt on our economy. 

Illegals are also bringing drugs, weapons, and other illegal items into our country. This cannot happen. Another but rather small thing but also important is illegal immigration is making it harder to maintain a good environment. They are just more people in the US to drive cars, liter, etc. which is hurting our environment. The illegal immigrant population in the US is around 11.4 million people as of 2014. I think during your presidency immigration should be high on the problems you are trying to fix. Whether the reason is helping our environment, boosting our economy, creating jobs, lowering crime rates, stopping drug trafficking, or preventing terrorism all the solutions are the same. In order to fix these problems we need to have tighter border control. Hiring more border patrol could help, while also offering more jobs. Having bigger and better borders. Examples such as walls, water, etc. Greatly reducing the amount of people allowed in the US at a certain time. Getting rid anyone and everyone caught in the country illegally and don't let them back in. Not admitting anyone from areas dealing with great amounts of terrorism. This would help prevent any acts of terrorism in our country. I believe native born people and immigrants who have earned the right to be apart of such an amazing country shouldn't have to deal with problems caused by illegal immigrants. That is why I stress this issue as being a very important one. 

Thank You, 



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