Jared B California

To Donald J Trump


Dear Trump,

Why do you want to build the Great Wall of America? This wall you speak of is the second greatest waste of time and human energy. The Great Wall of China was built to fulfill the same standards you believe. If that is the case you are falling into a wide open trap, as if you were blind from mistakes. This mistake was already made from the Ancient Chinese, since invaders just walked around the wall. If you still do not understand the flaws that this wall has, then I suggest you retake Ancient History, since you want to repeat mistakes that were made from thousands of years ago. Even so, if you did build this wall it would cost countless human lives that you obviously have no empathy for since you want to detain Hispanics from our country, and it would cost billions of dollars that would probably plunge America in a huge debt. Of course we won’t pay for the wall because it is not our fault. 

Obviously we should just let Mexico pay for the wall because it makes sense, right? Everything makes sense when you don’t realize the consequences of your actions. In reality, throwing out immigrants won’t help out America at all, it would most likely hurt it more than help it. America is built off of immigrants and the reason why we are so strong as a country is because of immigrants. Our country would not have progressed as far as we have if it wasn’t for the immigrants. Immigrants are engineers, scientists, and innovators. They start new businesses, create new technologies, and make more jobs. They keep our economy strong and are the base of our country. And this is why America does not need to change, but is great already. America doesn’t care if you are Mexican, Chinese, Russian, or Indian. We do not repeat mistakes from the past, we learn from them. And what America has learned is to accept everyone with different backgrounds or religions. Trump claims that he wants to make America great again, but America is already great, we just need the right President to continue on this journey, which is President Hillary Clinton. 

From Jared B.