Sophia C. New Jersey

Gun control and the second amendment

New gun control laws are going against our second amendment. By taking away guns the government is creating more crime. Save our right to bear arms.

Dear Future President,

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This is our second amendment. Right now it's trying to be taken away from us due to new gun control laws being enforced.

As shootings occur more and more laws are trying to limit are right to bear arms. By limiting our right to bear arms you are going against our second amendment, taking away a little bit more of our freedom. Obama claims “...that it was possible to uphold the Second Amendment and make changes”( But he’s already limited several states including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, to smaller magazines. In some states it is now banned to sell or use magazines that hold over 10 rounds. The government is slowly taking away little by little until soon we won't be allowed to have guns at all.

Right now guns are being taken away because the government thinks it will decrease crime rate. But actually, by taking away guns you do the complete opposite. If you were a robber, would you rob someone you know doesn’t have a gun, or a person who may or may not have a gun on them? You would go for the unarmed civilian, so by taking away guns you make it easier for the criminals to rob, mug, kidnap, ect. According to John Lott, an American economist, and gun rights advocate, “Among North American economists: Eighty-eight percent say that guns are more frequently ‘used in self-defense than they are used in the commission of crime.’ Ninety-one percent believe that gun-free zones are ‘more likely to attract criminals than they are to deter them.’” Therefore, guns deter crime.

Even if guns are taken away from us, do you really think it will stay that way? Lot’s of things are illegal in America and people still get a hold of it, such as drugs. By taking away guns, you make us, the good guys, vulnerable while the bad guys are just going to find a way to get them eventually, and when they do, we’re defenseless.

“ A survey done in 2013 found that 48% of felons admitted to not committing a crime in a home that they knew had a gun.” ( Guns keep us safe, and they deter crime. Our second amendment is at risk of being taken away from us. Protect our right to bear arms.


Sophia C.