Ayanna G. New Jersey

Racial Profiling: a Big Problem Since the 70s

Racial profiling is when you believe someone has committed a crime just because of their race and it's something that needs to be stopped immediately.

                                                                                                                                                        October 20, 2016

Dear Future President,

       Racial profiling has been a big problem since the Civil Rights Movement and it has never been resolved. Judges and police officers will believe that someone has committed a crime just because of their race, ethnicity, or religion and it’s just as bad a discrimination. This problem could affect the whole country because there are many different races in America and just because someone has a different race, it does not mean that they have committed life threatening crime. Ever since the September 11 attacks, people have looked at Muslims or Islamics in a different way just because they think that every one of them is part of a terror group and that is not the case. This affects me because I and almost anyone else would not want to be wrongly accused or sent to jail for something they did not do just because they’re Muslim, Islamic, or even African American. I believe that you, our new President, could help or even solve this problem by showing the law enforcement that it is not okay. Some police officers believe that racial profiling is “adequate practice” and I think that you can help convey that police officers or anyone should not accuse someone for committing a crime just because they have a different skin color. I think you could also help solve this problem by showing that not all Blacks or Muslims are dangerous and that a race doesn’t have to affect your personality. I hope that you can help and try to solve this situation as soon as possible.


Ayanna G.