Alexandra G. New Jersey


Racism has been going on for a long time and it needs to stop now.

Dear Future President,

Racism has been around for many years and it needs to stop now. Many people from different races are being abused either physically or verbally. Although in 1865, the Civil War ended the ownership of slaves, it doesn’t mean African American men, women, and children are being treated unfairly for not being the same skin color or not being in the same economic class. African Americans are being assaulted and killed by people who are supposed to be protecting them like police officers. But racism is not only about black and white but all races. It is also Hispanics and Asians who suffer, too. People from Iraq are being stereotyped for being of the same race as people from Isis and because El Chapo is Mexican, people think all Hispanics are drug dealers. I feel very strongly about this because I don’t think it is right to make assumptions about people if you don’t know them. It is also not right to mistreat people by the way they look. Racism is becoming more and more serious and is putting a lot of people in danger as years go on and I think it is important that you do something about it. Please, Future President put a solution for this problem into motion because it is unfair for people to be treated so badly.


Alexandra G.