Adriana New Jersey


Disallowing abortion is a problem.

Dear Future President,

Illegalizing abortion is a problem women/teenage girls should have a right if they want to have the baby or not. Women and teenage girls make dumb decisions for example, Reproductive Health asked women why they had an abortion and found that 73% of women said they couldn’t afford to have a baby, and 38% said that having a baby would interfere with education and their life goals. Women can choose to end pregnancy by getting surgery or taking medicine. The earlier you are in your pregnancy the more options you are likely to have and the risks of problems will be lower. It is not easy to end a pregnancy, you will need a long time to to think if you want to have an abortion or not. Family planning clinics offer counseling to help decide what is best for you ; you can also talk to your doctor and/or close family/friend. If you're wondering if abortion is safe it is, if a doctor does it of course. There aren't that much woman/ teenage girls who have a serious problem with abortion only less than 1 out of 100 woman/ teenage girls have a serious problem from an abortion. You have to be careful because you can get pregnant weeks after you had an abortion. When you do get an abortion it will probably take 1 to 3 weeks to heal ad feel better. It depends on what kind of body you have you may heal fast or it may take long to heal and get better. In the U.S.A. there are 10 states that are trying to illegalize abortion and trying to go against a woman's right to have control over her baby and child. I think that women should have a right to say if she wants an abortion or not because what if the women/ teenage girls made a dumb decision they probably can't take care of the baby they might not have enough money or is still in school and didn't even graduate and they have goals they want to do. Also, if they do have a baby they are probably gonna have a miserable or not a normal life or the parent might put them in a adoption home where the child can be bullied or neglected. 32,101 pregnancies are the result of rape that is another reason why a women/ teenage girl should have the right to say if she wants an abortion or not.