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Problems to Solve

During the previous years in the US there have been more shootings and bombings, racial discrimination, conflicts between authorities and other people, college prices rising, and many bad uses of guns. These are all things that need to end and the only way that they can be dealt with is by the high government and authorities.

Dear New President,

My Name is Daniel De Zutter, I am a freshman student at Nipmuc Regional Highschool. As I have been keeping up with the dabates between you and your old opponent I have encountered many problems that need to be helped or corvered during your 4 year term in the office.

First off I believe that you will do a fine job with running our country as long as you do not run it straight into the ground. Some problems that if you cover them will allow you not to do this are, Isis, Racial discrimination in our country, police interactions and control, college and also gun control. The first problem that I mentioned, Isis, I don't know the exact purpose for this but it poses a huge threat against the other people around the world including our own US citizens. In the past months there have been multiple Isis shootings and bombings that have killed many innocent people.  The truth is that it is impossible to protect everywhere. But, I believe that it is not right just to bomb places we think have a lot of Isis members and kill not only Isis members but also many innocent people. I think the only way to defend these crimes is to isolate any place with a suspected amount of terrorists. The major question that arises from this is who and what are terrorists? Many people may have different outlooks on this but, I think that we can not judge a terrorist by their looks but by their past and relationships. This meaning that not all Muslims are terrorists. Also, how will you deal with new people in the United States that are convicted of these bad acts? I think that you should deal with them by confining any relationship with the people who do this. Also if there is even any type of evidence against someone saying that they helped we should confine them right away until the case is fully solved.

The second topic I would like you to deal with is racial discrimination. In the latest years there have been many people that have been discriminated by others for skin color. Isn't this silly? I would like you to work out a social contract to help these people sort out their differences without war or death. But how will you do this and keep it under control? I think that to be able to keep this under control you must emphasize that all lives matter and have serious consequences for people who discriminate or harm people due to silly things like skin. Like they always say, "It's not what's on the outside, it's what's on the inside".

The third thing, which is also relating to the racial discrimination is what are you going to do to keep police men and women able to protect their communities but not have enough power to beat people for things that are silly. In the past year a conflict between police and darker skin people has arisen. This problem has been caused by people hurting even sometimes killing different skin toned people. But, the police are only portrayed as the bad guys, the people rioting again the police are just as accountable for this problem. So, how will you resolve this problem? I believe that the proper thing to do is put a stop to rioting and any police officer that has a problem should have charges pressed on them and a fine fine of a great amount of money. I believe that this will truthfully start to resolve the problems between the police and other people because it will put great consequences on both sides of the situation forcing people to act much more civil.

The Fourth problem is college. How are you going to make college more affordable for people? As the years go on there has been a great increase in cost for four years of private college. This cost keeps rising making it much harder for people to attend these colleges. I believe that to make it possible for more people to go to college and leave with a much lower debt. Also you must make there be more colleges that are free to go to so that people with bad reputations  get a second chance at education and have the possibility to make their lives much better than they were before. But, there is an exception, if the people attending these colleges are not getting certian grades they should be kicked out and must pay the government back the money that they have spent on attempting to better this persons life.

Finally, the last problem, gun control. How is the US going to keep bullets under control? Also how are you going to keep guns out of the hands of people that will not use them correctly? I believe that in able to do these two things we must make it so that the military has all the control to the weapons of the United States and no people just roaming the streets should have a gun. Guns are the cause to lost deaths happening in the world these days. Therefore like I just said we should keep them out of normal people's hands and also let police have access to one pistol so that they do not have too much power. But, when the police have these guns they should not be able to use it when ever, they should have to only be able to use them when the person is imposing a full death threat right then and there.  

Thank you for your time reading this letter, Daniel De Zutter

Nipmuc High School

F Group WEX II


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