James L. New Jersey

Phone Distraction

Phones are very distracting to kids and you, the next future president, needs to stop this.

 Dear President,

This is a question that you, our President, should think about. Does your family have any rules about using phones? I’ll bet when your children were young, you made sure that they focused on their assignments at home. I strongly believe that phones, a major distraction to kids, should be taken away at home when they are doing homework.

According to http://www.beyondbooksmart.com/executive-functioning- can distract students from doing their homework even when they are not on their phones. A reason that students are doing their homework in school is because they want to go on their phone at home. Teenagers usually don’t do well on their homework because in this case they rush it.

According to http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/09/29/are-you-distracted when they put students in a room 82% of the people went on there phones and it messes up the conversation.The students that didn’t go on there phone said that they were probably going to go on there phone at least in 10 mins and when you put your phone in a different room it helps because they're not thinking about their phones.

People can get bad grades from not doing homework and at school they really want to just go on there phone. Getting bad grades from not doing homework isn’t good because it can affect where students go to college. It could also affect the Job when they grow up because they will see that his/her grades weren’t as good. A phone distracts students from doing better stuff.

Some students think that phones are useful because it’s like a hand held computer but that's not true. A lot of students will use a calculator and cheat which shows that they weren't learning at school and they don’t know how to do the work. Students might get a good grade since they did the homework but in school the teacher will see that they are not learning. Also if you are on your phone doing homework you might get a text or start playing a game which will stop you from doing homework. This all shows why going on your phone is not good.

What will happen if all everyone cares about is there phone? What will happen if no one did there homework? What would happen if everyone's grades get worse? What will the president do to fix this?



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