Cory Barnes Illinois

Bigger Sidewals

This is problem because we dont have enough space on the sidewalks.

Dear, President

President I think we should have bigger sidewalks because sometimes when people are coming from opposite directions one of the have to move on the grass.People don't want to step in the grass because of the things that are in the grass.Another reason for making bigger sidewalks is for kids with bikes and scooters that are not old enough to ride in the street.This is an issue because when the sidewalks get crowded sometimes the little kids fall off their bike or something

and hurt themself

When adult bikers ride on the sidewalk because they don't want to crash into a car so they sidewalks.They have bigger bike so it's easier to hit people walking on the sidewalk.People with big strollers for there kids need more room to go through on the sidewalk.Sometimes when restaurants,store openings,and when new things come out there's long lines out the door and people have to wrap round the building.