Taylor H. Illinois

Abortions Are Up To The Mother

Abortions in my opinion should not happen, but they happen for many different things.

Dear Future President,

My name is Taylor. I am a junior in high school. I want to focus on the topic Abortions. Abortions in my opinion shouldn't happen, because the birth of a child should be looked at as blessing or a gift. However, I know that women have abortions for many things that other people aren't aware of. The mother of the child should be able to have the power of making the decision on if an abortion is the right choice for her based on the circumstances she's in.

Below I've provided a chart on reasons why many mothers make the choice to have abortions. The highest percent on reasons why mothers get abortions is the timing or the baby and the lack of preparedness. The second highest is the mother or (parents together) can't afford the baby. I really want to focus on these two topics because many people around me have had abortions based off these reasons.

Future President, I think we can put a stop to this, but we need your help. We could lower the percent of not good timing and the lack preparedness by emphasizing sex education in schools. Teaching how to prevent pregnancy for example using a condom and birth control. You can lower preparedness by  creating mentor pregnancy groups in the early trimesters of the mother's pregnancy. These would help prepare the mother for the baby and teach the mother and guide the mother on how to care for the baby. The percent on lack of  affordability can be lowered by providing the mothers with more access to sustainable jobs a form of income. This would add on top of the help the mother could get from others, and in my eyes it's just an extra push to assist the mother with the child.

These programs could possibly lower abortion rates and stop the killings of unborn children. But it all begins with your help. More gifts could be born into this amazing world.

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