Rayonna A. Kentucky

Should sex education be taught in school?

Kids in today's generation need to be taught sex education in school.

Dear Next President,

Sex Education needs to be a big part of school teachings due to the fact that young kids are sexually active. Some start in middle school and with today's generation, young kids in elementary school are exploring. Even though the parent is supposed to teach their kid(s) about those things, many of them aren’t saying anything to them. I feel since teachers in school teach us everything else, why can’t they teach us something else important. I feel it would keep a lot of kids from doing things at a young age. My school teaches “Health/Sex Education”, but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I was taught about diseases and that’s all. I hear kids saying “they didn’t learn or get anything out of that class”. So some kids explore on their own and do things that could lead them into being a parent in middle or high school. That’s why a lot of students are parents etc, because they weren’t taught about sex, they just went off and did it instead of someone letting them know about it other than you can get diseases. Becoming a parent in high school is hard, so I’ve heard. Most don’t graduate school on time due to the fact that they have a new responsibility in their life. All I’m saying is, if they were sat down and talked to and showed the ways they could prevent things like pregnancy or diseases they wouldn’t have anything to worry about. All you can do is talk to them about it before they make their decision.